One Boba a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Tapioca is Love     –       Tapioca is Life

Not only does An’s Tea House focus on making its milk-tea tasteful, unique and hard to forget, but our customers’ health is just as important. That’s why at An’s Tea House, we offer FRESH milk tea with 100% fresh milk from Germany, instead of manufactured powdered milk. We select the choicest ingredients and every step of the process- to bringing you the perfect milk tea, is taken very carefully:• Finest, freshly brewed Taiwanese tea- resupplied every 3 hours.

• Fresh organic fruits
• Highest quality and 100% fresh milk from Germany.
• Preserved cream cheese from Germany, in place of powdered cheese.
• Toppings are prepared delicately and precisely throughout the whole process, ensuring soft crunchiness in every sort.

Drinking our tea, your experience at An’s Tea House will always be filled with joy and reassurance. So don’t forget to visit Berlin’s best milk tea store to enjoy your
daily dose of milk tea-happiness at An’s Tea House